Suspects confess to robbing Mo Salah’s villa


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Two suspects who robbed Mohamed Salah’s villa in New Cairo have confessed to the crime following interrogations.

“I was working as a security guard in the residential complex in which the villa is located, and given my knowledge that it was devoid of residents, I sought the help of a friend of mine, from my hometown, Ismailia, and we robbed it,” the suspect confessed during interrogations.

He added that they snuck into Sallah’s villa, climbed the wall, and stole a number of sports shoes – a silver medal – a piece of crystal – a number of receivers.

The security services arrested the perpetrators and returned the stolen items, after Salah’s business manager reported the crime to the Cairo Security Directorate on March 12.

Investigations identified two perpetrators of the incident, one of whom had previously worked as a security personnel in the aforementioned residential compound, from Ismailia Governorate.

The incident was committed on March 2.

Security services in Cairo received a report on Sunday from a relative of the player that Salah’s villa in the First Settlement area in Cairo has been looted.

That relative said that while he was passing through the villa, he noticed that one of the windows was opened. Upon entering, he found a mess in one of the rooms and the disappearance of some stuff, including TV receivers.

Security sources revealed that the initial inspection indicated that the suspect stole three television receivers.

The sources added that the suspect broke the window of the villa, entered it, scattered the contents of a room, and tried to steal a gas cylinder, but left it in the villa’s garden.

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