19 April, 2024
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The Independent lists 6 of the best holiday destinations in Egypt


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The Independent newspaper advised British tourists to visit six of the “best holiday destinations” in Egypt, recommending Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh, Luxor, Hurghada, Aswan and Alexandria.

The nation holds special appeal for vacationers thanks to its world-famous landmarks and beach resorts that make the most of its large coastline, the report explained.

Egypt is a country steeped in history, according to the report, home to some of the oldest cities in the world from ancient Alexandria to the current capital, Cairo, where the great Pyramids of Giza overlook a vast network of busy streets.

Coastal resorts on the shores of the Red Sea provide beautiful destinations for a sunny holiday in the winter, the report added, while cities such as Aswan provide a quiet haven along the banks of the scenic Nile River.

Few places offer the same range of attractions that Egypt does, The Independent said.

It explained that no other place allows tourists to view one of the few remaining wonders of the ancient world, before taking a river cruise on the longest river on Earth on their way to seeing some of the world’s oldest archaeological sites.


Recovering tourism

The Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Eissa announced in July that Egypt has received the largest number of tourists ever in one month.

Eissa said in statements to reporters that the month of April witnessed the reception of the largest number of tourists throughout Egypt’s history, with about 1.35 million tourists, thanks to the decisions supporting tourism and investment.

A tourism expert in the Red Sea Atef Othman confirmed the recovery of tourism in Marsa Alam hotels and resorts, coinciding with the high rates of inbound tourist flights from Europe.

According to Othman, the airport received 18 Italian flights, 19 German flights, 31 Czech flights, 18 Polish flights, five Dutch flights, three Belgian flights, four Swiss flights, two French flights, and one from each of Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary and Lithuania.

Hurghada International Airport, on October 14, recorded an increase in the number of flights, receiving 83 regular and chartered flights from various European airports carrying about 12,000 European tourists.

The German tourists coming to Hurghada in the Red Sea topped the list of European nationalities.

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