29 February, 2024
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Unity and Compassion at the Heart of Canterbury Bankstown Mayor’s Christmas Appeal


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In the elegant setting of Clarence House in Belmore, the Canterbury Bankstown Mayor’s Christmas Appeal unfolded as a significant event, marking not just the festive season but also the spirit of community and empathy. The event was attended by a wide array of dignitaries, including fellow Canterbury Bankstown Councilors, Kylie Wilkinson, Member for East Hills, and representatives from various religious orders, businesses, and media.

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Mayor Bilal El Hayek, in his speech, recalled the significant events of the past year, notably his own election as mayor. His address went beyond a mere recollection, serving as a call to action for the attending dignitaries and local businesses. He urged them to support a heartrending cause: helping a terminally ill lady in the local government area, who has six children, to celebrate one last Christmas with her family. This appeal highlighted the Mayor’s commitment not only to his civic duties but also to the emotional and social welfare of his constituents.

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Adding to the evening’s significance, Drs. Achy, representing the World Lebanese Cultural Union, presented Mayor El Hayek with an award of appreciation. This accolade recognized him as a notable Lebanese figure in Australia, applauding his contributions to the community in Canterbury Bankstown and beyond.

The Canterbury Bankstown Mayor’s Christmas Appeal transcended the usual boundaries of a civic event, evolving into a platform for empathy, community support, and a call to kindness. As the event concluded, the guests left with a sense of unity and a renewed commitment to making a difference in the lives of those around them. This Christmas season, the Canterbury Bankstown area is not just celebrating a festival, but also the compassion and solidarity of its community.

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