23 February, 2024
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Unyielding in Our Commitment to Balance: A Declaration by Oz Arab Media


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In the recent flare-up of tensions between Israel and Hamas, the global community has passionately rallied behind various perspectives. Some support Hamas, others align with Israel, while many navigate the complexities, seeking clarity on the motivations of both sides. Regrettably, amidst this discourse, the media and certain public figures have been subjected to undue pressure and intimidation for their neutral stance or refusal to comment.

Oz Arab Media, standing firm in its commitment to balanced journalism, extended invitations to representatives from both the Jewish and Palestinian communities to voice their perspectives on our platform. Our esteemed guests, H.E. Izzat Abdulhadi, the Ambassador of Palestine to Australia, and Alex Ryvchin, the co-Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, showcased diplomatic candor. They articulated their aspirations for peace and demonstrated empathy, if not complete alignment, with the opposing viewpoint. Disturbingly, some audience members not only disregarded the alternate perspective but also leveled accusations against their own representatives, labeling them as collaborators.

In the lead-up to these interviews, we were confronted with a barrage of threats and derogatory remarks. We resisted pressure to abandon one of the interviews and faced repercussions from certain partners and affiliates who disapproved of our unbiased approach. Our resolve, however, remains unshaken.

To our dedicated audience, we assert: We will not be swayed into bias. As a media entity, our role is to function as a conduit, relaying diverse viewpoints and facilitating informed decisions. The essence of media is encapsulated in its very etymology: a “channel” to communicate perspectives. By exclusively championing one viewpoint, we would deviate from our core mission: to foster understanding. While our name signifies our Arab and Australian heritage, at our heart, we are a “Media” institution. Our primary objective is to bridge cultural divides in Australia. Serving as a partisan mouthpiece would undermine this purpose, a compromise we are unwilling to make. We pledge to uphold our impartiality and ensure all voices are heard. The choice to engage with differing opinions rests with you.

We extend our deepest sympathies to innocent lives lost on both sides of the conflict. We ardently believe that violence, unless in self-defense, is indefensible. To truly halt the cycle of violence and pave the path to peace, we must be receptive to the narratives of all parties involved.

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