20 June, 2024
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2022 ushered in with sadness for the dead, fear of more infections and hope for end to pandemic


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Sun, 2022-01-02 01:09

PARIS: Sorrow for the dead and dying, fear of more infections to come and hopes for an end to the coronavirus pandemic were — again — the bittersweet cocktail with which the world said good riddance to 2021 and ushered in 2022.
New Year’s Eve, which used to be celebrated globally with a free-spirited wildness, felt instead like a case of deja vu, with the fast-spreading omicron variant again filling hospitals.
“We just need enjoyment,” said Karen Page, 53, who was among the fed-up revelers venturing out in London. “We have just been in so long.”

Revelers wait to welcome the new year in Vienna on Friday. (AFP)
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