AABC February Meeting: Trading with Africa


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The AABC is proud to kick off the year by showcasing the intriguing journey of Nass Aoun’s mission to open Africa to the online world. 

Nass Aoun founded Flexi Africa on the notion that massive economic growth is possible for anyone, anywhere via retail e-commerce. Flexi Africa’s guiding principles are uniting cultures and creating harmony through a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, the likes of which the African continent has ever seen.

Key Areas of Discussion:
– Creating a business and marketing plan
– Engaging with communities and manufacturers in a foreign land
– Selecting and importing the right products 
– Overcoming logistics between Africa, Australia and North America
– Setting up an online platform and building an audience 
– How to maintain growth

About Nass Aoun:
Nass is a young entrepreneur who runs and operates Flexi Africa. A company that he calls “The Amazon of Africa”. Nass is involved in several organisations that combine the countries within Africa and link them with the rest of the world. Nass has plans to take this concept around different regions around the world. Nass had always had an interest in business and personal growth. Straight out of school, he and his brother took out a six-figure loan to start an automotive supplies business. Nass also has a burning drive to make the world a better place. That inspired him to co-found La Mer Charity, which supports children with congenital heart disease and is also an active member of Rotary Club.

Date: Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: The Highline Venue, Level 3/462 Chapel Rd, Bankstown, NSW 2200

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