Algerian Primary Education Certificate Cancelled


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Today, the Minister of Education, Abdelaziz Belabed A, has officially canceled the primary education certificate exam in Algeria, the Sankyam, noting, during his supervision of the national symposium of the Directorate of Education dedicated to assessing social incomes 2021/2022, that the improvement of the level of education will be raised in addition to pedagogical reforms, especially primary education.

He explained that the process of canceling the primary education certificate exam came after an in-depth systematic study of education in Algeria. The Minister of Education, Mr. Belabed, added that education in Algeria will undergo a radical change in the coming years, and that his ministry is working to create workshops to listen to education directors in all the states of the Algerian nation.

On the one hand, the Minister urged the sector managers to go out to the field and see the reality of the situation and watch over the stakes related to the school year in Algeria.

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