18 June, 2024
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All East Nile Monorail Project trains now in Egypt


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Egypt’s Transport Ministry announced the arrival of all mobile units of the East Nile Monorail Project, totaling 40 trains consisting of 160 coaches, with each train made up of four cars.

Transport Minister Kamel al-Wazir stressed the necessity of implementing all project work in parallel for speedy completion, and to return things to their original state in various sectors of the project.

This came during Wazir’s inspection tour to follow up on the progress of implementation rates of the East Nile Monorail Project, which extends from the Stadium Station in Nasr City to Justice City Station in the New Administrative Capital, at a length of 56.5 kilometers and includes 22 stations.

He also met with the head and leaders of the National Authority for Tunnels to review  progress rates on the implementation of the command and control center, being established on an area of about 85 acres and 13 buildings.

They also went over the train supply rate.

Wazir followed up on the implementation of the commercial plan for the project, done through advertisements placed on monorail poles or the stations within the ministry’s comprehensive plan, for the optimal commercial exploitation of all projects to achieve financial returns to improve the level of services provided to the passenger public and the sustainability of these projects.

The minister’s tour included following up on the final touches at Marshal Tantawi’s Station, and the progress of work being carried out at the various stations up to Station #1 in Youssef Abbas, Nasr City, where the internal finishing and external cladding works are being carried out following the implementation of its concrete and metal structure.

Wazir was also briefed on the passengers’ itinerary at the stations, starting from the garage of each station, passing through the pedestrian escalators, then the ticket windows and the station platforms.

The total length of the two monorail projects, “East/West Nile,” is 100 kilometers, with 35 stations, and the capacity of each monorail line is 600,000 passengers per day.

The East Nile Monorail connects Nasr City to the Administrative Capital and exchanges service with the third line of the metro at the Stadium Station on Youssef Abbas Street, reaching Al-Khalifa Al-Dhafer Street and the Seventh District, passing through Zakir Hussein Street, reaching Al-Wafa and Al-Amal.

It then heads to the Field Marshal Tantawi Axis and the southern 90th Street, arriving at Beit Al-Watan, then passing through neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital.

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