15 June, 2024
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Formation of the Australian Federation of Northern Lebanon


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In a significant move to strengthen the ties between the Australian and Lebanese communities, the Australian Federation of Northern Lebanon has been officially formed. This new association aims to promote cultural, social, and economic collaboration between Australians and those of Lebanese descent, particularly from Northern Lebanon.

The inaugural meeting of the federation was held on the 2nd of May, 2024, marking a historic day for the Lebanese diaspora in Australia. During this meeting, the members elected the administrative committee, who will steer the federation towards achieving its mission and objectives.

Elected Committee Members:

  • President: Elie Kaltoum
  • Secretary: George Bakhos Abdallah
  • Treasurer: Elias Takchi
  • Vice President: George Hanna
    • Contact: 0411 121 217
  • Public Relations: Michael John Betros
    • Contact: 0434 198 452

The federation is committed to initiating and supporting various charitable projects that will benefit the community, both in Australia and Northern Lebanon. These projects will focus on cultural preservation, educational programs, healthcare initiatives, and fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between the two regions.

Elie Kaltoum, the newly elected president, expressed his gratitude and enthusiasm for the formation of the federation. He emphasized the importance of unity and collective effort in achieving the federation’s goals. The committee members are dedicated to creating a robust platform for collaboration and ensuring the success of the federation’s future initiatives.

The announcement of the federation’s formation and the election of the committee members marks the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship between Australia and Northern Lebanon. The federation looks forward to making impactful contributions and building a strong community network that celebrates cultural diversity and shared heritage.

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