25 July, 2024
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How Hindu females step into love jihad trap?


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Love jihad – a term that we constantly keep reading about these days. Several leftists and alleged journalists churn out books and articles one after the other, claiming Love Jihad is a myth. So, what is love jihad? As we all know, love jihad is the practice by which Islamists trap unsuspecting Hindus (men or women – primarily women) under the garb of “love” either by maintaining their original identities or by pretending to be Hindus. Through love jihad, the Islamists get into (by coercion as well) a relationship with the Hindu girl or boy and force them to convert to Islam. This form of jihad is rampant across the country, and only now are people speaking about it.

All those journalists and leftist “intellectuals” who are in a denial mode of this form of jihad, do check out what this victim of the barbarism has to say.

Victim testimonial

In a heartbreaking testament to the insidious tactics of Love Jihad, Geetha (name changed), a Hindu woman, shares her traumatic ordeal of being coerced into converting to Islam by her Muslim husband. In a profoundly personal video interview, Geetha recounts her journey from innocence to manipulation, shedding light on the deceptive practices employed by Islamists to prey on vulnerable Hindu girls.

Geetha begins by discussing her upbringing in a traditional Hindu household in a village where she was raised to be independent and open-minded. Despite her liberal upbringing, Geetha’s exposure to other faiths was limited. Believing in the commonality of all religions, she adhered to basic Hindu traditions. Moving to the city for higher education, she encountered the Islamist through a friend, sparking a new chapter in her life.

The Muslim man initially appeared to be accommodating and non-religious. She believed his upbringing, surrounded by Hindu friends, reflected a liberal outlook. His occasional visits to the mosque didn’t hint at devoutness, and he did not force her to visit the mosque at this stage in the relationship. Despite some early red flags, Geetha fell in love, believing that their interfaith relationship could overcome any differences.

However, as their relationship progressed, Geetha’s then-lover began to assert his Islamic beliefs, gradually imposing restrictions on her freedom and religious practices. While the Islamist initially pretended to be non-religious, he had to “face parental disapproval” due to these religious differences. What is interesting here is that the Islamist claimed his mother was also a Hindu earlier.

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