20 June, 2024
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How the ‘critically endangered’ Arabian leopard is being returned to the wild in Saudi Arabia


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Thu, 2022-02-10 19:17

LONDON: Abdulaziz Alenzy will never forget the moment last April when he got the call. After more than three months of anxious waiting, one of the leopards in the captive breeding program at the Wildlife Research Center in Taif had finally given birth to a healthy, feisty cub.

“I cannot describe my feelings when she was born,” said Alenzy, veterinary manager at the Royal Commission for AlUla. “We were expecting a cub to be born that day, but when I got the call from the keepers it was, ’Wow!’ I got up, got dressed and rushed to work.”

In Saudi Arabia, where, for generations, the Arabian Leopard and its prey were hunted and its habitat steadily eroded by human expansion and development, the animal is feared to be extinct. (Supplied/RCU Images)
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