04 June, 2023
Last chance to nominate a female athlete for Accor Stadium grandstand recognition program


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Friday 26 May is the last chance for sports fans to nominate an Australian female athlete to be honoured with the naming of the Eastern Grandstand at Accor Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park.

The NSW Government is collecting nominations from the public until 11:59pm today. People can have their say online at https://www.haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/accor-stadium-stand-naming

The public has submitted more than 4000 nominations so far since the campaign began.

The Minns Government extended the time available for people to nominate their favourite female sports star after strong initial interest.

The only criterion for nominations is that the athlete be an Australian female sportsperson.

The public’s nominations will be assessed by a panel of judges drawn from the sport, government and media industries before a recommendation is made to the NSW Government.

The grandstand is expected to be named after the winning athlete in time for the opening match of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, being held at Accor stadium on Thursday 20 July 2023.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said:

“These are the final hours for sports fans to jump online and have their say about who the Eastern Grandstand at Accor Stadium should be named after.

“There are only hours left, but the online form takes just a few minutes.

“Help us recognise the incredible contribution women have made to our sporting culture.”

NSW Minister for Women Jodie Harrison said:

“This is more than just a piece of signage – it is a piece of history.

“Putting one of our top female athlete’s names up, in pride of place in one the country’s biggest stadiums, shows exactly where we think our female athletes deserve to be: at the top.”

NSW Minister for Sport Steve Kamper said:

“We are committed to equal recognition of sporting achievements.

“By recognising a top female athlete in such a prominent way, we’re not just recognising our elite performers but showing young female athletes just how important their sporting endeavours are.”

Chris Minns

Premier of New South Wales

Jodie Harrison        

Minister for Women, Minister for Seniors, Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault    

Steve Kamper

Minister for Small Business, Minister for Lands and Property, Minister for Multiculturalism, Minister for Sport    

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