14 July, 2024
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Lebanon’s Hezbollah releases drone footage of Israeli military sites in Haifa


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Lebanon’s Hezbollah releases drone footage of Israeli military sites in Haifa

The group broadcasts what it describes as ‘exceptional’ and ‘precise’ recording showing army and civilian locations

MEE staff

A screengrab from a Hezbollah drone video pinpoints the Haifa port area in northern Israel as “a strategic area with massive military, industrial and trade establishments” (Al Mayadeen)

The Lebanese movement Hezbollah on Tuesday broadcast footage purportedly taken by a surveillance drone over the northern Israeli port city of Haifa, in an apparent warning to Israel. 

The nine-minute video, published by the Hezbollah-linked Al Mayadeen TV and Al Manar, pinpointed several locations, including military sites and civilian infrastructure, as tensions simmer between the group and Israel.

Al Mayadeen described the video as an “exceptional recording and precise survey” of Israeli targets. 

The footage showed maximum-security Israeli locations such as military bases, weapons depots, missiles, maritime ports, and airports in the city of Haifa, located 27km from the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah has yet to issue any official statements on the footage, but Al Manar described the locations as “a bank of targets in northern Israel”.

A report by the channel said the reconnaissance drone “surveyed the north and returned to prove the incapacity of Israeli radars”.

Al Manar cited Hezbollah as saying it has “a very large target bank in case of war outbreak” and claiming more than half a million Israelis would have no protection during a drone attack.

“Half of the Israeli economy is within range of fire,” it added.

Israel and Hezbollah have been engaged in cross-border hostilities since Israel’s war on Gaza in October, with Israeli air strikes on Lebanon killing over 450 people, including at least 80 civilians, and Lebanese attacks killing 15 Israeli soldiers and 10 civilians.

Hezbollah’s drone and missile attacks have led to fires in northern Israel in recent weeks, and Israeli attacks have set large swathes of land in southern Lebanon ablaze and killed senior military commanders. 

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