18 June, 2024
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McMahon Welcoming the Babies 2023


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Stocklands Wetherill Park was once again host to local MP Chris Bowen’s highly anticipated annual event this past weekend; Welcoming the Babies.

This heart-warming occasion aims to celebrate the arrival of newborn babies and the beginning of their journey within our vibrant and supportive community.

Welcoming the Babies has become a cherished tradition that brings together families, friends, and community members to commemorate the joyous arrival of these precious little ones.

During the event, each newborn baby is presented with a symbolic gift of a fern, a sample bag, and an official certificate.

The fern represents the growth and resilience that each child will experience throughout their lives. The sample bag contains a variety of essential items and resources provided by businesses and organizations, designed to support and assist parents as they embark on their new parenting journey. The certificate is a token of recognition for the baby’s place within our loving and inclusive community.

Welcoming the Babies has become an institution in the area, with little Keira Mohan the 4th baby of the Mohan family to be welcomed into the community over the years.

Chris Bowen said Welcoming the Babies is more than just a ceremony but an opportunity to foster a sense of belonging and connectedness within our community.

“When you’re born in Australia you don’t get a Citizenship Ceremony, so it’s important to recognise our newest members of our community.”
“It serves as a reminder that our community embraces and values each and every child, ensuring they have an environment to grow, thrive, and reach their full potential,” Mr Bowen said.

The event also provided an opportunity for parents to connect with other families, share experiences, and speak with professionals like Breastfeeding Australia.

The Hon Chris Bowen MP

Minister for Climate Change and Energy

Member for McMahon

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