22 April, 2024
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Meet and Greet with Archbishop Georges Bacouni


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Earlier today in Sydney, members of the press had the opportunity to interact with His Grace, Archbishop Georges Bacouni, Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Beirut and Jbeil. Representing His Beatitude, Patriarch Youssef Absi, Archbishop Bacouni’s visit to Australia was marked by a special meet and greet event, hosted by His Grace, Most Reverend Robert Rabbat, Eparch of the Melkite Catholic Church of Australia, New Zealand and All Oceania. The Melkite Eparchy Lounge in Greenacre served as the venue for this notable occasion.

Archbishop Bacouni’s visit is a part of a larger initiative, a fundraiser for the Aid to the Church in Need. This international Catholic pastoral aid organization annually supports over 5,000 projects worldwide, operating with its General Secretariat and Project Headquarters in Königstein, Germany. The organization’s efforts are significant, providing financial assistance to various initiatives across the globe.

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Notable attendees at the event included Remy Wehbe, director of Oz Arab Media, and Charbel Tadros, media manager of Oz Arab Media, Mr. Anwar Harb, Director of Annahar Australia, Mr. Sayed Mikhail, Representative of the Lebanese National News Agency, among others. Their presence underscored the importance of the event in the context of both religious and media circles.

During the meet and greet, Archbishop Bacouni addressed a range of topics, engaging in a fruitful dialogue with the attendees. He spoke in-depth about the ongoing crisis in Gaza, the worrying decline of the Christian population in the Middle East, and the church’s efforts to reconnect with the youth. These discussions highlighted the pressing issues facing the Christian community in the region and the church’s proactive approach to addressing them.

The event was not just a platform for discussion but also served as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and the need for continued support and awareness. Archbishop Bacouni’s visit to Australia, therefore, was more than a ceremonial appearance; it was a call to action and solidarity with those in need, reflecting the wider mission of the Aid to the Church in Need and the Melkite Catholic Church’s commitment to global outreach and support.

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