Peter Khalil MP Meets Mrs. Universe Australia Candidate Sophia Sarkis


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Mrs. Universe Australia is not only a beauty pageant, but also a humanitarian mission that takes form through a distinguished lady. In last month’s press conference, Oz Arab Media had the pleasure of meeting the contestants for this year’s pageant which will take place on 21 October at the Doltone House in Sydney.

Among the contestants is none other than the woman carrying the Burmese cause on her shoulders, Mrs. Sophia Sarkis. While we’ve discussed this issue in a previous article, Mrs. Sarkis went on to represent her home country Myanmar in Mrs. Universe Australia 2022; however, instead of waiting idly for the contest, she kept pressing on with her mission, whether on social media or by lobbying members of parliament.

On 5 October 2022, Mrs. Sarkis met with Mr. Peter Khalil MP, Member for Wills. In their meeting, Mrs. Sarkis discussed the following issues:

  • Although the previous governments have spent more than 20 Million Dollars on humanitarian aid through the UN, ASEAN, and other NGOs, this assistance has not reached the people. The people of Myanmar need this help to go to the NUG, which is the legitimate and elected government.
  • There are many Burmese people stuck at the border or in Thailand while escaping the oppression of the Junta. The Australian government should provide them with Humanitarian Protection Visas to safeguard them and their families during the crisis.

Mr. Khalil was very receptive to the requests of Mrs. Sarkis and will carry them to parliament in the hopes of creating some policy changes to help alleviate the suffering of the people of Myanmar.

If you would like to support, make sure to check out Mrs. Universe Australia 2022’s Facebook page and get your tickets while they are available.

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