Raie Misr Foundation (Shepherd of Egypt) Inaugurates 11 Mobile Clinics in the Presence of Egyptian Dignitaries


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Dr. Suha Al-Jundi, the Minister of State for Immigration and the Affairs of Egyptians Abroad, launched 11 new mobile medical clinics to serve the poorest villages in Egypt. This was done during a charity event organized by the Shepherd of Egypt’ foundation, chaired by Counselor Amir Ramzy, the head of the board of trustees of the foundation and a member of the National Coalition for Civil and Social Work. The event was attended by Ayman Abdel Mawgood, the Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity, the Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Mohsen Sarhan, the head of the Food Bank, presidents of the Orman and Misr El-Kheir associations, many members of the National Coalition for Civil and Social Work, and a large number of participants in charitable and social work from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Europe, and various artists, including actress Elham Shaheen and actor Hany Ramzy. Members of the House of Representatives were also present, including MP Ehab Ramzy from the Republican People’s Party, as well as a group of media professionals and journalists interested in civil and social work.
Dr. Suha Al-Jundi expressed her happiness at the inauguration of the 11 mobile clinics for the Shepherd of Egypt’ initiative, aiming to alleviate the suffering of residents in remote villages and hamlets. She praised the efforts of the ‘Shepherd of Egypt’ foundation and its president, considering it a model to be emulated in serving citizens, especially President Sisi’s ‘Lifeboats’ initiative, which operates in 14 governorates to combat illegal immigration and provide alternative opportunities for a decent life, health services, and a hopeful future.
Counselor Amir Ramzy, the head of the board of trustees of the ‘Shepherd of Egypt’ foundation, spoke about the ‘Mobile Clinic’ initiative, which aims to serve impoverished and needy citizens in various villages, hamlets, and outlying areas. He recounted the history of the idea, starting with the purchase of a vehicle in 2017, its manufacturing and operation, and the challenges faced, including obtaining traffic permits and convincing people of the feasibility of medical examinations inside the vehicle. In 2019, a cooperation protocol was signed with the Ministry of Health to coordinate with the directorates within the geographical scope of the medical convoy.
Ramzy highlighted the challenges faced by the foundation, especially in providing medicines for the medical convoys. He also discussed the progression of the clinics, starting with one clinic in 2017, three in 2019, and reaching 28 clinics in 2023, with each convoy serving approximately 80,000 patients annually across various medical specialties.
Ramzy revealed that there is a symbolic fee of only 10 Egyptian pounds to ensure seriousness, and 19,000 surgeries were transferred to Ministry of Health hospitals and military hospitals. He expressed the foundation’s dream of reaching 100 mobile clinic vehicles and their contributions in the social and urban development sector, including building homes for the poor, providing household appliances for newlyweds, and offering scholarships and pensions.
From the Egyptians abroad in Australia, Carl, Edward, Emad, and Gina donated several vehicles, reaching a total of 15 mobile clinic vehicles from the Shepherd of Egypt Australia group. Ramzy appealed to the attendees and Egyptians abroad to contribute financially or through relationships and communications to help provide treatment and medicines, as they represent a significant challenge for the convoys.”

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