28 September, 2022


Australian Arab Business Council August Dinner Meeting


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At the exquisite and luxurious venue of the Highline on the fifth floor of the Little Saigon Plaza in Bankstown, the Australian Arab Business Council held their August dinner meeting on Wednesday, 10th August, 2022. The event, which was attended by an array of Arab and Australian businesspeople and board members, was a very nicely organized and highly beneficial experience.

Mr. George Bousamra, the Vice President of the AABC kicked off the event by introducing the council’s President Ms. Genan Issa who welcomed the guests and thanked the sponsors. Ms. Issa highlighted the challenges faced by businesses in coping with the aftereffects of the pandemic and how the AABC conducted events during COVID. She also thanked the members of the newly formed Australian Syrian Business Council for attending the event and congratulated them on the launching of their organization.

The President of the AABC then introduced the guest speaker for the evening, Mr. Mohamed Hage OAM, who addressed an array of interesting and thought-provoking ideas and challenges facing the world today in his talk entitled “The State of Play”. Mr. Hage answered a variety of questions either asked by Ms. Issa or by members of the audience, and he touched on topics which included the current political crises whether between Russia and Ukraine or China and Taiwan and their effects on business worldwide, disruption of the supply chain due to COVID, and how businesses may cope and thrive with the looming recession. Mr. Hage’s passion for business carried through the room, and he would’ve been able to go on for hours with the captivated audience.

After the guest speaker’s discussion, the Australian Syrian Business Council presented Mr. George Bousamra an award for the assistance he provided in establishing the organization. This was followed by many networking opportunities between the guests who thoroughly enjoyed the event.

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