18 April, 2024
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Love is in the Air for Delta Goodrem in Netflix romcom


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Delta Goodrem, singer and former The Voice judge, stars in the Netflix original film Love is in the Air, set to premiere on September 28.

Goodrem plays Dana Randall, an ultra-committed pilot for a non-profit air service based in Far North Queensland.

Dana works alongside her father (Roy Billing) and best friend (Steph Tisdell) to provide the essential air services that local island communities depend on.

The service relies on subsidies from a London-based organisation, which unknown to Dana, has financial struggles.

Dana is charmed by William (Joshua Sasse), sent out from London to review the air service and secretly prepare for its closure.

There’s some instant attraction for Goodrem’s character.

William finds his loyalty is torn after he spends time with Dana and the local community, and the pair’s fledgling romance is in jeopardy when Dana discovers the purpose for William’s visit.

Cyclone adds to drama

Shot along the beaches of stunning Far North Queensland, and with a location-appropriate addition of a cyclone for some dramatic flair, Love is in the Air will be at home with Netflix’s long list of cheesy-yet-bingeable romcoms.

The film comes almost a year since Goodrem revisited her acting roots through a Neighbours cameo, and about five years after her last lead acting role, in which she portrayed fellow Australian artist Olivia Newton-John.

It’s not a seaside romcom without some frolicking in the waves.

Goodrem, who is currently touring Europe, took to Instagram on Thursday to celebrate the release of the Netflix trailer.

“I am SO excited for you to see it in less than a month!!” she wrote.

“Very proud of our team making this movie showcasing our beautiful Australia.”

Leading man Sasse is yet to promote the trailer on his own personal Instagram; given his recent posts supporting the ongoing actors’ strike in the US, he may be unable to if he is a SAG-AFTRA member.

The Australia-based Netflix project comes as streaming companies face more pressure to produce local content, and will likely be required to fill a government-imposed quota from July 2024 onwards.

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