25 July, 2024
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NBR official denies knowing the buyer who spent millions towards sacrificial animals


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Following a media buzz generated at a surprising case, when a youth named Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat purchased sacrificial animals, including a goat spending over ten million takas, National Board of Revenue (NBR) official Motiur Rahman flatly denied even of knowing Ifat stating neither the youth is his son nor a relative.

When asked, Motiur Rahman told the media, “I don’t know that boy who went viral in the goat incident. He is not my child. It is very embarrassing to involve my name”.

Rahman also claimed he has never seen Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat.

He also told reporters that a complaint has been filed by him with the Cyber Crime Unit of Bangladesh Police.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Imran Hossain, the owner of the ‘Sadeq Agro’ farm located in Mohammadpur area in Dhaka city twisted his previous statement saying, Ifat had only booked the goat by paying only one hundred thousand taka and in the end, he did not take the goat.

During the Eid Al Adha festival, a video of the goat worth 1.5 million taka went viral on social media. It shows Ifat holding the goat. A female is also seen accompanying the youth. As the video went viral, questions arose how the son of a revenue officer could afford spending such a huge amount of cash on sacrificial animals.

Matiur Rahman, is member of National Board of Revenue (NBR) and President of the Customs Excise & VAT Appellate Tribunal.

While Matiur Rahman has denied knowing Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat, a photograph of him with Ifat has already surfaced in social media. We could not independently verify if this photograph is genuine or doctored, although Channel-24 in a report has stated that Mushfiqur Rahman Ifat is the son of Matiur Rahman. As we anticipate this report too may mysteriously disappear or removed by the channel authorities, we have preserved some screenshot and downloaded the entire video.

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