20 July, 2024
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Quake Strikes Sydney’s West and Blue Mountains


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Image caption: Map of Sydney and Blue Mountains (yellow dot showing location where the earthquake struck) Image from Geoscience Australia. Image belongs to the Commonwealth of Australia https://earthquakes.ga.gov.au/ material licensed under CC Attribution  4.0 International.

A 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck western Sydney and the Blue Mountains on March 8, around 9 PM.

The earthquake’s epicenter was located 9 kilometers beneath the surface of the Blue Mountains National Park.

GeoScience Australia received over 3,000 reports from individuals who felt the quake.

On a NSW incident Facebook page, a Penrith resident described the sensation as if “a giant stomped once on our front lawn.”

Justin Hale, a resident of Leura, told the ABC that local dogs could be heard barking before the quake struck.

“It sounded like a convoy of semi-trailers coming down the road from the north. As it approached, I realized it wasn’t semi-trailers. That’s when it hit,” Mr. Hale explained. “This earthquake was one big jolt… my computer monitor rocked back and forth, almost falling face-first onto the table.
“That’s how intense it was. However, it wasn’t sustained; it was one big jolt followed by a tapering off.”
This rare and abrupt event prompted many people from Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains to contact the police.
“Blue Mountains Police and Nepean Police received numerous calls from locals who heard a loud bang just before 9 PM,” the police reported.

However, there were no calls or reports of damage made to the SES following the quake.

According to senior seismologist Hadi Ghasemi, the quake was relatively mild.
“I believe it was significant enough for people to feel it, as evidenced here, particularly because of the timing,” he said. “It occurred at night when people are generally less active and relaxing.”
Despite the earthquake occurring in Sydney’s west, the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed there was no tsunami threat from the quake.

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