Sam McCool’s Comeback Special: fresh, witty, and hilarious!


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The Oz Arab Media management team had the great pleasure to attend Sam McCool’s Comeback Special on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at The Comedy Store in Moore Park. The room, which can cater for around 200 guests was almost completely booked with fans, friends, and comedy enthusiasts.

The one hour standup comedy show started at 7 PM, and Sam’s section was preceded by two other comedians who were quite funny. They humorously discussed topics including the pandemic, drinking, and Deliveroo drivers. Afterwards, Sam took the stage with an Elvis impersonation like no other.

During the show, McCool presented a hilariously fresh perspective on a variety of topics including political correctness, child upbringing, the Chris Rock and Will Smith debacle, and a wide array of thought-provoking topics.

While all the jokes were spot-on and downright hilarious, the most amusing aspect of the show was Sam’s interaction with the audience. He easily made the show feel more like a friendly gathering where, even though some jokes were unfiltered, no one felt offended enough to take the stage and Smith-slap Sam… except as a joke once the show was concluded.

We are looking forward to more Sam McCool shows soon. They are definitely unmissable.

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